Flite Heavy Duty

One product to degrease and clean your car, boat, or plane.

Fast Acting:

-Cleans fast so you can spend more time enjoying the road, the water, or the air.
-Simply dilute to clean bumper to bumper, bow to stern, or nose cone to tailfin, both inside and out.
-Long lasting with more cleaning power per dollar helping you to save money.
Multi-Surface Safe:
-Safe to use on most any surface, materials and washable fabrics.
-Leaves no residue when used as directed.
-Will not harm components, wires, hoses, or tires.


-Engine block degreaser and cleaner.
-Engine bay degreaser and cleaner, both metal and plastics.
-Cleans all type of wheel finishes and removes brake dust effortlessly.
-Easily used in bilge pump for fast, effective cleaning with minimal headache.
-Cleans unsightly residue left by engine exhaust effortlessly.
-Safe on interior upholstery when diluted.
-Cleans set in oil stains from concrete driveways, garage floors, boat launches, ramps, and hangar floors.
-Parts washer and pressure washer safe.

Flite products strike the perfect balance with nature: Superior performance and Eco-friendly.

Flite products are Readily Biodegradable, contain no phosphates, and are VOC compliant to minimize greenhouse gases.

Our fresh citrus scent has been selected to appeal to all users and keep in mind those sensitive to certain fragrances that can cause allergic reactions.

Flite on Amazon

Available in multiple sizes! Check out our Product on Amazon!

MSDS Auto/Marine/Aero HD Cleaner


“Flite is one of the most effective cleaning products I have ever used as it easily removes grease, oils and many other types of soils. It is safe and effective for marine, automotive and household uses leaving surfaces clean without a harsh chemical smell.  I love that it is environmentally safe on people and the environment.”

-Vice President of Environmental Services – Sodexo Health Care Services 

“I’ve been using Flite for over 30 years and haven’t found anything better. Just spray it on and watch it go to work. We started off using it on vinyl and high-end leather, but now we use it for everything, at the shop and at home. I even give a bottle to my customers, when the pick up their cars. (www.ronmangusinteriors.com)”

– Ron Mangus, Owner – Ron Mangus Hotrod Interiors

“As we are an aviation maintenance company, it is critical that we maintain our customer’s aircraft in top flying condition both inside and out.  We have used numerous products over the years to degrease and clean various aircraft components such as, engines, transmissions, and rotor blades; none have performed as well or as quickly as Flite Aero HD.  One of the key benefits for us is that it leaves no residue as it rapidly breaks down grease, dirt, hydraulic fluid and oils.  Since we use the concentrated version we can dilute it accordingly and use it for other areas such as the interior and more sensitive components and system electronics.  In a 1 to 60 concentration we even use it to clean plexi-glass windows and windshields.  We use it in all our locations and highly recommend Flite to the aviation and other similar industries that require a high performing, biodegradable, environmentally safe product.”

Jason Kidd, Director – Prescott Wing & Rotor

“As a distributor and user of Flite for over two decades, we know firsthand how remarkable Flite is. Many of our customers demand products that are not only environmentally safe, but provide unsurpassed cleaning ability in a variety of applications. We have found nothing better and highly recommend Flite. (www.keystonbros.com)”

– Adrian Vargas, Branch Manager – Keyston Bros.

“I have used Simple Green straight on the upholstery for years. Only problem is that it leaves a film you have to rinse. There is another degreaser called Flite that I have bought and I like it a hell of a lot better. The guys at Eliminator turned me on to it, they said they used it on their boats.”

– Dr. Eagle – boating enthusiast, online review

“We use Flite throughout our establishment, i.e. in the front of the restaurant as well as the food surface areas of the kitchen. We are extremely satisfied with the performance and the ease of which it removes the daily build-up of grease. Since Flite is a concentrate we dilute it accordingly, which allows us to use it throughout the entire restaurant.”

Exec Chef Edwin, Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

“Glad to see that Flite is back. It’s still the best kayak and gear cleaner. Flite keeps the bilge sweet too and I use it for just about everything around the house and boat yard. I ran out of car shampoo and Flite worked great.”

– Dennis Spike, Publisher – Kayakfishing.com

“I think Flite is the best cleaning product I have ever used!! I’m about out of it and need to order another bottle… so, right now, I treat it like gold! We used Flite the other day to clean our boat and the upholstery & chrome sparkled like never before. Good luck with this product – you have a winner!”

– Karen Mazzola, Exec. Dir. – United Association of Manufacturers’ Representatives

“Flite is the exclusive water-based cleaner recommended by Rub ‘n Restore™ (www.rubnrestore.com) for cleaning leather and vinyl prior to repairing, restoring, and dyeing.”

– Lesandre Holiday, CEO – Rub ‘n Restore, Inc.

About Flite

Flite Cleaning Solutions are versatile general purpose cleaners great for use on Automotive and Marine applications as well as many more. This unique solution is both extremely effective for breaking down grime and grease but also safe to use on chrome and other sensitive surfaces. Flite is also completely biodegradable. Its original use as an airplane degreaser and thats is how it got its unique name.

With over 40 years of experience Flite Cleaning Solutions have stood the test of time and remained on the leading edge of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Flite is family owned by two passionate cousins looking to deliver a high quality, high performing solution to meet all your cleaning leads.

The history of our company began with the creation of the original formula. The name Flite, is a play on words derived from the formula’s originally intended use as an airplane engine degreaser. When it was first created, over forty years ago, the goal was simply to create a solution that would be able to easily and quickly clean heavily greased engines, without damaging any of the components, and then simply rinse off. The engineers and chemists, who created Flite, had no idea that they were formulating one of the original environmentally friendly cleaning products that was biodegradable as well as non-flammable, non-toxic and multi-surface safe.

For over forty years, Flite has been used in a variety of industries, such as: automotive, marine, upholstery, carpeting, janitorial, plumbing, painting, welding, manufacturing, food services, electronics and more. While formula has changed ownership over the years and gone through challenging periods, loyal customers have continually gone to great lengths to seek out Flite Cleaning Solution and its new owners. Enter Larry Spinner and David Cohen, who continue the family tradition by once again producing Flite Cleaning Solution for our loyal customers with the same integrity and attention to quality and the environment that has always been a hallmark of Flite.

Flite Cleaning Solutions has a heritage of always being on the leading edge of environmentally safe cleaning products, which is why we are so excited and proud to offer our customers our new and improved products. With the release of the new and improved formula of our All-Purpose Cleaner as well as the introduction of our new line of Auto and Marine Cleaners, once again, we offer some of the most advanced earth-friendly, readily biodegradable cleaning and degreasing products in the marketplace today.

Flite General Purpose

Flite All-Purpose Cleaning Solution is used in numerous industries. Below is a sample of industries that can benefit by using Flite.

  • Tires & Wheels—removes break dust, grease and grim without harming the brake pads, tires wheels, etc.
  • Food Services—degreaser and general cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Maintenance/Janitorial—Factories, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc.—floors, carpet, toilets, sinks, walls, light fixtures, mirrors
  • Painting—Cleans and preps surfaces for painting leaving no residue
  • Welding—Cleans and preps pipes surfaces for welding and leaves no residue
  • Plumbing—Cleans and leaves no residue
  • Computer/ Printer//Copier Maintenance—Cleans, but does not harm wires, circuitry, copier drums, etc.
  • Upholstery/Carpet/Laundry—Cleans stains and is safe on most if not all washable materials and fabrics
  • Pool & Spa Maintenance—Water soluble and leaves no residue, cleans vinyl, tile hand rails, etc.
  • Hotel & Restaurant—Cuts  grease and rinses down the drain and can be  diluted for a variety of cleaning applications
  • Parts Washers and Pressure Washing

Flite on Amazon

Available in multiple sizes! Check our product out on Amazon!

MSDS Flite All Purpose Cleaner

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